Model TF-40NC TF-66NC
Test Item Total double flank meshing error & error size
Test Gear Spur Gears with a hole of shaft
Module Range M0.15 ~ 2.0 M0.5 ~ 7.0
Center Distance 25 (2) ~ 130mm 60 ~ 130mm
Measuring Pressure +300 ~ -100g Max 1kg
Spindle Driving Speed Stepless Variable
Floating Side Maximum Load 5kg 10kg
Fix Side Maximum Load 5kg 20kg
Measurement Magnification x10, x200......x1000
Control Axis 2-Axis NC (BB1)
Recording Output Printer (A4 size paper)
Optional Scale 0.02 micron / pulse (Built in)
Tester Body Weight Approx. 35kg Approx. 110kg
Power Supply AC 100V 50~60Hz 3Amp.