Load tester

• The MAX series is a tester with intelligence. As it can memorize the operated test sequence so that you don't have to re-set conditions to repeat the same test.
• The MAX series is a load tester with built-in USB drive on it.
• When used in production line, it is not necessary to bring a personal computer into the line. A USB Thumb Dirve with stored test result can be taken out from the tester to examine in other place.
HIT series is equipped with multi-function testing parameter for different requirements. In addition, it is also cater for plastics and synthetic rubber testing especially products which require longer stroke travel.
• This X-Y table is optional and can be add on anytime to the Max Intelligence Tester at a later stage. With the X-Y table it can run together with the MAX test program without connecting to the P.C.
• However it can also be link and control by P.C. When it is link to P.C a separate software is required on the P.C side.
• The X-Y table are widely used in keyboard, dome switch, silicon rubber keypad, connectors, switches, PDA & LCD industries.
• With the optinonal X-Y table it will enhance the productivity of testing.
• Single column tester maximum structure capacity is 2kN (200kgf) with effective stroke up to 1.2metre.
• User can specify stroke of 600m or 900mm or 1200mm and also choose their desired loadcell capacity.
• Basic models come with built in rotary encorder of 0.01mm resolution & Special model with 0.001mm for the displacement.
• Optional elastometer and grips can also be installed to check elongation {eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c}.