Matsuzawa Metal Hardness

• Auto turret allows one-touch operation for troublesome lens-indenter-lens changeover required in the measurement.
• Large LCD touch panel with a clear display and back light can perform various data processing and other function
• Loading mechanism with no fluctuation, “capable to hit aimed portion”, is highly evaluated.
• Knoop hardness calculating functions can be changed over with a one touch panel operation. (HK diamond indenter is optional)
• Loaded with a LCD display with backlight. The hardness tester secures very clear and high visibility
• After setting the reference load, the test load is applied automatically . (Manual start is also possible)
• Reference load can be easily set with a bar graph display on the bright screen and electronic sound. More over, an error-preventing device is also mounted.
• The new function LCD Touch Screen Visibility and operation changed to a LCD Colour Touch Screen, In addition to conventional HV, HK measuring mode.
• Fracture toughness (KC), Light Load Brinell, X-Bar, Cylindrical Correction were added into the measuring mode.
• The turret can hold 2 indentor & 4 Objective Lens.
• Wide test load range of 9 levels for Type A model & 12 levels for Type B Model.
• Measuring unit and Minimum graduation can go to 0.01micron.
• In LCD Model MMT-XLCD series saves space against CRT Monitor, provide clear image and also reduce eyes fatigue.