Our Products

• The MAX series is a tester with intelligence. As it can memorize the operated test sequence so that you don't have to re-set conditions to repeat the same test.
• The MAX series is a load tester with built-in USB drive on it.
• When used in production line, it is not necessary to bring a personal computer into the line. A USB Thumb Dirve with stored test result can be taken out from the tester to examine in other place.
HIT series is equipped with multi-function testing parameter for different requirements. In addition, it is also cater for plastics and synthetic rubber testing especially products which require longer stroke travel.
• JISC produces extremely low capacity spring tester that conform to highest Grade 05 of JIS B 7738.
• This tester is meant only for compression spring to cater for Medical Industries, High End Branded Ball Pen Industries, Fax Scanner Machine Industries & etc.
• The whole series meets 05 grade (Highest Grade) of JIS B 7738 Coil spring compression / tension tester.
• In addition to 1 -step , 2 -step, 3 -step automatic tests, free length, initial tension load, solid length, max, load (peak hold) can also be measured.
• Unit select able among N, gf, kgf, lbf and inch covered by English version.
• Measurement range can be changed through 2- step high-low range automatic switch over function, there by eliminating unnecessary steps.
• Manual or automatic test can be chosen.
• Numbers are shown in display as digital scale is attached to XY table and rotating table.
• Measurement of torque and load, as well as angle based on torque or load input are done easily. (PRO-TS Type)
• Passing range and Good 1 Poor results are shown in bar graphics. Visual judgement and management is possible.
• This X-Y table is optional and can be add on anytime to the Max Intelligence Tester at a later stage. With the X-Y table it can run together with the MAX test program without connecting to the P.C.
• However it can also be link and control by P.C. When it is link to P.C a separate software is required on the P.C side.
• The X-Y table are widely used in keyboard, dome switch, silicon rubber keypad, connectors, switches, PDA & LCD industries.
• With the optinonal X-Y table it will enhance the productivity of testing.
• Deliver High Precision Measurement via 3 load cells even if there is unbalance load.
• The tester alone can meet a variety of specifications such as JIS K6400-2, JASO B408 & etc.
• This UFT series can satisfy a variety of urethane foam test.
• The 3 load cells enable this tester to deliver high precision load detection even in the presence of unbalance load.
The RCA Abrasion Wear Tester is used to test surfaces for resistance to abrasion and wear. Typically used on painted or plated organic finishes, foil, and inked key pad lettering. This tester is widely used as a standard for many silicone key pad and membrane switch manufacturers. This abrader is used as a standard to the auto, appliance, cell phone, plastics, and coating industries. It uses an nexpensive roll of throw away abrasion paper. All build‐up error is eliminated and consistent readings are easily obtained
• Max. load (peak) can be captured through plate (flat) spring test Function.
• System is equipped with ±, {eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} keys which are convenient for tolerance input. Setting for upper and Lower Limits is done easily through auto calculation.
• System accuracy can be maintained over a long period of time through the use of high-rigidity linear guide and newly adopted pressurized ball screw.
• Information is always transmitted instantly through Florescence display which provides Superb vision.
• So far texture of foods is judge by human sense of mouth feel.
• The human sense is very important criteria but is has big problem.
• Definition is not clear and feeling differs from person to person. Texture Tester TEX-100 can visualize the fuzzy mouth feel with "numeric value" so that you can make objective judgment of the texture.