Torque tester

• Manual or automatic test can be chosen.
• Numbers are shown in display as digital scale is attached to XY table and rotating table.
• Measurement of torque and load, as well as angle based on torque or load input are done easily. (PRO-TS Type)
• Passing range and Good 1 Poor results are shown in bar graphics. Visual judgement and management is possible.
• A tester with intelligence. It computes the angletorque Etc. parameter, thus achieving precision results.
• The MAX series is a load tester with built-in USB Drive in it. Through this facility, you can store and save your job more conveniently
• You can see the test results and curve of torque/angle on the high density LCD on the MAX tester and also the built-in printer can print out. The CENTRONICS INTERFACE (RS232C) enables outside printer to print test results out in form of test report.