Optical Instruments

Our Series of Projector are photoelectric measuring system of High Precision and Accuracy The image on the screen is upright, comes with DC-3000 Geometrical Function DRO Foot Switch is also included to ease your measurements.
• For Opaque or Transparent Objects
• Built‐in or Accessory Illuminators
• Durable
™• Comfortable
• ™Easy to Use
• ™For Opaque or Transparent Objects
• Built‐in or Accessory Illuminators
• ™Durable
• Comfortable
• ™Easy to Use
• High Resolution- Image can be displayed up to a resolution of 1600 x 1280 for PC models at 10 frame per sec & 410,000 pixels for TV models.
• Light and portable (comes with a stylish carry case).
• Comeswith the Micro Scale software which enable to do simple measurements andbrightness and contrast adjustments.
• White LED lighting which have a longer lamp life up to 12,000 hours continuously running.
MicroLabo and *MicroLabo Lite are advanced measuring Software compatible with DS-3 Series.
Measured data can be paste onto the image and export to Excel spreadsheet for reporting.
Both software enable a Accurate and Speedy calibration due to auto calibration.
Calibration is done by capturing the glass scale (standard shipped) at high magnification rate, and calculating it either manually or automatically.
• Measure a distance between 2 points.
• Marker of any color and size of your selection can be drawn on live or still image.
• Images can be saved under JPEG or BMP files.