Product information

ACE Spring Sorting Machine

  • ACE series Fully Automatic Spring Tester withSorting function.
  • This tester conform to JIS B 7738 Grade 0.5 which is the highest grade.
  • It function is similar to our PRO Series of spring tester except that its touch screen with SPC control function to show Histogram & Trend Chart.
  • There are only 2 models for this series, ACE-100N & ACE-1kN only.

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Maximum Load 100N (10kgf) 1kN (100kgf) 100N (10kgf) 500N (50kgf) 1000N (100kgf)
Auto Switch Over of Hi / Lo Range 100N / 10N 1kN / 100N 100N / 10N 50kN/5kN 100kN/10kN
Load Resolution 0.01N / 0.001N 0.1N / 0.01N 0.001N (0.1gf) 0.01N (1gf) 0.01N (1gf)
Load Accuracy JIS B 7738 Class 0.5 ( ± 0.5{eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} of Applied Load)
Maximum Free Length to test 99.99mm 77mm
Length Resolution 0.01mm
Length Accuracy ± (0.05 + 0.0001 * L) mm where L is the arbitrary length
Test Speed 1~3000mm/min 1~1000mm/min
Max test length 99.99mm 180mm
Maximum O.D of Spring for test Ø40mm Ø36mm
Cycle Time of Testing 30 Pcs / min base on 1 step load only About 50 pcs/min (depend on stroke...)
Power Supply Single Phase AC 110 ~120V or AC 220~240V (50/60Hz)
Power Rating 100VA 300VA
Dimension W470 x D470 x H1520mm W520 x D660 x H1354mm
Weight Approx 130kg Approx 180 kg