Product information

Analog Push Pull Gauge


This handy analog force gauge delivers high accuracy and is easy to operate. Change-over from peak indication to track indication is effected by a mere one-switch operation. 3 types of scale are available, namely AK (kgf scale), AN (Newton scale), NK (n & kgf dual scale). Corresponding to application type, user can choose from a range of 1kgf(10N) to 50 kgf (500N).

• High Resolution…
1/200 resolution. Unit per division is easy to read.
• High accuracy…
0.5{eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} of F.S
• Easy to operate..
One-touch change over form Peak to Track and vice versa.
• N/kgf..
Dual unit (N & kgf) scale for NK series.
• V ariation…
8 different models ranging from 1kgf to 50kgf are available.
• Stand…
More stable measurements are possible if gauge is fixed on to a
test stand.
Manual and Motorised test stand are available.

Order No Max. Measured Min.Scale Stroke
NK-10 10N 1 kgf 0.05N 5 gf 10mm
NK-20 20N 2 kgf 0.1N 10 gf 10mm
NK-30 30N 3 kgf 0.2N 20 gf 10mm
NK-50 50N 5 kgf 0.25N 25gf 10mm
NK-100 100N 10 kgf 0.5 N 50gf 10mm
NK-200 200N 20 kgf 1 N 100gf 10mm
NK-300 300N 30 kgf 2 N 200gf 10mm
NK-500 500N 50 kgf 2.5N 250 fg 10mm