Product information

Optical Comparator

  • Our Series of Projector are photoelectric measuring system of High Precision and Accuracy The image on the screen is upright, comes with DC-3000 Geometrical Function DRO Foot Switch is also included to ease your measurements.
Model OC-300-100 OC-300-150
Screen Diameter 312mm used range > 300mm (with the meter line)
Screen Rotary Range 0~360 Degree
Standard Lens Magnification 10X
Optional Lens 20X, 50X & 100X
Accuracy 3 + (L/50) microns 4 + (L/25) microns
Linear Scale Resolution 0.5 micron
Work Stage Table Top Area 306 x 152mm 340 x 152mm
Measuring Range X-Y Axis 100 x 50mm 150 x 50mm
Maximum Workpiece Height 90mm
Measuring System Built in Linear Scale
Digital Readout DC-3000 Multi-Function Data Processing System with
Geometric Function
Illumination System 24V 150W Halogen Bulb
Power Supply Single phase AC 110 / 220V, 50~60Hz, 400W
Dimension W770 x D550 x H1100
Weight Approx. 140 kg
Optional Accessories Rotary Table, Pair of Vee Blocks, Vertical Work Piece
Holder, Overlay Chart & Serial Printer