Product information

Optional Micro Labo & Lite Measuring Software


MicroLabo and *MicroLabo Lite are advanced measuring Software compatible with DS-3 Series.
Measured data can be paste onto the image and export to
Excel spreadsheet for reporting.

Both software enable a Accurate and Speedy calibration due to auto calibration.
Calibration is done by capturing the glass scale (standard shipped) at high magnification rate, and calculating it either manually or automatically.
Saving of calibrated data.
You can save the data to your PC for each magnification rate which then allows you to recall these data speedily for effective processing.

AUTO TILING (only available in Micro Labo)
This function is used when you want to store an image taken at close range with a wide view. You can add images to the top and bottom, and to the left and right. You do not have to adjust the position accurately, the software does it for you. Therefore, the seams are smooth.

MULTI-FOCUS (only available in Micro Labo)
Generation of wide depth image based on integration of more than three images.
* Note for Micro Labo Lite:
(1) Image must be saved before measurement can be performed.
(2) Multi-Focus and Auto Tiling not available in this software.

The Measurement Tools
Include: Directions, Length, Area, Angle, Radius Content: Target, Line, Center circle, Parallel line,Vertical line, Point to point, Perpendicular, Center to center, Best fit, Poly line, Circle, Eclipse, Rectangle, Polygon; Angle measurement; Radius measurement;

CPU Pentium III 500MHz and above
OS Window 2000, or XP
RAM 256MB and above
Harddisk Free space of over 100MB
VGA Memory 16MB and above