Product information

Torque Calibrator


For the purpose of torque control without controlling angles.

Simple and handy testing can be performed for setting torque for electric drivers and measuring opening torque of cap of jar.

Model IT-5 IT-20
Maximum Torque 5Nm 20Nm
Units N.m,,
Effective Range ±0.02-±5Nm ±0.2-±20Nm
Resolution 0.001Nm 0.01Nm
Accuracy ±0.5{eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} of F.S
Maximum Allowable Torque 150{eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} FS
Maximum Memory Data 511
Comparator Upper & Lower Limit Setting of Specification
A/D Convertor 16bit
Response 640Hz/sec
Battery Operated Ni.MH Battery with Power Adaptor
Operating Temperature 10~40 Deg C & Humidity of 85{eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} RH & below
Data Output RS 232C Interface
Dimension W230 x H60 x D149
Weight Approx. 3.3kg