Digital MicroVickers Hardness Tester tables

Code No Item Contents
M021 Polaroid Camera Nikon PIII- P
M202 35mm SLR Camer a Nikon PIII- FM10
M203 Digital Camer a Nikon Micro System (Digital Camera, Relay Lens, Accessories)
M211 Camera Sleeve For Polaroid Camera or 35mm SLR Camera
M213 Ball Indentor (HB) For Digital Camera or automatic System
M002 Knoop Indentor (HK) For measuring thin material
M003 Ball Indentor (HB) For Light Load Brinell ( diameter 1mm Steel Ball)
M071~075 Objective Lens x100 (M071), x40 (M072), x20 (M073), x10 (M074), x5 (M075)
M076 Eyepiece x15
M081 Colour Filter Diameter 20mm, Yellow , Blue or Red. (Standard : Green)
M082 Aperture Diaphragm 1~6mm (1mm pitch, 6 size)
M020 V-Shape Anvil (small) For measuring cylindrical part diameter 2~6mm
M021 V-Shape Anvil (large) For measuring cylindrical part diameter 8~50mm
M012 Precision Vise Maximum Jaw opening : 100mm
M013 Rotary Table 360 Deg Rotation, use on micro test table with precision vise
M014 Thin specimen measuring device Specimen thickness : 0.05~5mm
M015 Fine specimen measuring device (H) Vertical Type, specimen Diameter : 0.1~4mm
M016 Fine specimen measuring device (V) Horizontal Type, specimen Diameter : 0.5~4mm
M017 Specimen Inclining Device Measuring surface always in horizontal plane, specimen height : 5~21mm
M018 Rotary Inclining Device Special use for mounted specimen, Specimen diameter : 25, 31.5, 37.5mm (3 size)
M019 Universal Inclining Device Good for inclined or curve specimen, this device will adjust the specimen to horizontal plane
C001 Dot Printer IDP-3110 Data output printer
M171~174 Vibration Insulated Device Desk Type (Air Type- Maintainance Free), Coil spring Type
M211 Video Graphic Printer Used for TV measuring Device
M212 Laser Printer For Automatic System that link to PC
M213 Inkjet Printer For Automatic System that link to PC