Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester Tables

Minor load 98.07 N 29.42 98.07 N
10Kgf 3 10 Kgf
Test load RMT-1 588.4 980.7 1471 N
60 100 150 Kgf
RMT-3 147.1 294.2 441.3 588.4 980.7 1471 N
15 30 45 60 100 150 Kgf
Minor load position setting Automatic setting (LCD graph and electronic signal monitoring fine adjustment is unnecessary.)
Load control Automatic (Loading --> holding --> release)
Start operation Automatic start/ Manual start selection
Dwell time 1~99 sec
Plastic measurement Standard function, time up to hardness value display after release: 1 to 99sec
Scale display C D A G B F K E H P M L V S R
Data output 1) Centronics (standard)
2) RS232C or serial output selectable (Factory setting: RS232C)
Data memory Max. 256 test data
Hardness conv ersion Specified scale on real time display.
OK/NG criteria Upper and lower limits setting, and HI/OK/LOW display.
Data edition Batch conversion of memorized data. (Max.value, Min.value, dispersion ( R ), mean value)
Converted values, same too.
RS232C Communication line Baud rate: 1200/ 2400/ 4800/ 9600 bps selectable
Error detection, Parity even/ Parity none/ selectable
Accuracy Conform to JIS B7726 and ASTM E-18
Max.specimen height 250mm
Max.specimen depth 165mm
Dimensions W220 X D540 X H830mm
Weight Approx. 80Kg
Power supply Single phase AC100~240V 50/60Hz available for export models.