MAX Series Load Tester tables 3

Min. Length resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm
Length accuracy ±0.02+0.0001 * L (mm) where L is the arbitary length ±0.01+0.0001 * L (mm) where L is the arbitary length
Test speed 0.01 ~ 1000 mm/min
Unit selection N, kgf, gf, lbf
LCD display 640 x 480 dot
Conditions Storage 100 Conditions per folder in USB Thumb
Data Storage 100 graphs with data per 1.44Mb in USB Thumb
Input/output RS232C Interface
I/O Port
Digimatic Input
Centronics Interface
Analog Output
Printing Graph & Data on 110mm wide Thermal Paper
Specifications Setting Upper & Lower Limit Setting with Automatic Calculation ±% or ± absolute number