Torque Calibrator Tables

Model IT-5 IT-20
Maximum Torque 5Nm 20Nm
Units N.m,,
Effective Range ±0.02-±5Nm ±0.2-±20Nm
Resolution 0.001Nm 0.01Nm
Accuracy ±0.5{eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} of F.S
Maximum Allowable Torque 150{eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} FS
Maximum Memory Data 511
Comparator Upper & Lower Limit Setting of Specification
A/D Convertor 16bit
Response 640Hz/sec
Battery Operated Ni.MH Battery with Power Adaptor
Operating Temperature 10~40 Deg C & Humidity of 85{eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} RH & below
Data Output RS 232C Interface
Dimension W230 x H60 x D149
Weight Approx. 3.3kg