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PRO Series Spring tester-Hi Capcity


• Max. load (peak) can be captured through plate (flat) spring test Function.
• System is equipped with ±, {eb9cfd4e3b516869cb839b8b2c338ebd16b99827caa87fe8648376116c5dd92c} keys which are convenient for tolerance input. Setting for upper and Lower Limits is done easily through auto calculation.
• System accuracy can be maintained over a long period of time through the use of high-rigidity linear guide and newly adopted pressurized ball screw.
• Information is always transmitted instantly through Florescence display which provides Superb vision.

Please refer to: Grade-specific functions and feature table 

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Model PRO-1KN PRO-3KN PRO-5KN PRO-10kN PRO-20kN PRO-50kN PRO-100kN
Maximum Load 1kN (100kgf) 3kN (300kgf) 5kN (500kgf) 10kN (1000kgf) 20kN (2000kgf) 50kN (5000kgf) 100kN (10000kgf)
Auto Switch Over
of Hi / Lo Range
1kN /100N 3kN / 300N 5kN / 500N 10kN / 1kN 20kN / 2kN 50kN / 5kN 100kN / 10kN
Resolution 0.1N / 0.01N 1N / 0.1N 1N / 0.1N 1N / 0.1N 10N / 1N 10N / 1N 10N / 1N
Load Accuracy JIS B7738 Class 0.5 ( ± 0.5% of Applied Load)
Maximum Stroke 0.01mm (high-grade is 0.001mm = 1 micron)
Resolution 0.01mm for Basic & Special Model (High Grade Model is 0.001mm)
Length Accuracy ± (0.05 + 0.0001 * L) mm where L is the arbitrary length
Test speed 1 ~ 600 mm / min
Standard Anvil
Ø150mm Ø150mm Ø250mm
Power Supply Single Phase AC 220V (50/60Hz) 3 Phase AC 220V (50/60Hz)
Power Rating 300VA 5kVA 500VA 2kVA
Dimension W800 x D400 x H1240mm W985 x D550 x H1700mm W1045 x D550 x H1910mm W1080 x D550 x H1950mm
Weight Approx. 170kg Approx. 450kg Approx. 500kg Approx. 570kg