Product information

Screw Plug and Ring Gauges

  • All screw plugs gauges
  • All special screw rings
  • All plain plug gauges
  • All plain ring gauges
  • All taper screw plug gauges
  • All taper screw ring gauges
  • Non – standard gauge
  • Hard chrome plating/ tin coating/ carbide coating
  • Handles with additional engraving
INFORMATION AVAILABLE FOR ORDERING (All the gauges prices on application)
  • METRIC- screw plug and ring gauges iso to B.S. 3643.

Screw plug gauges class 6H.

Screw rings and calipers class 6g

  • WHITWORTH – screw plug and ring and caliper gauges to B.S. 84.

Screw plug gauges medium

Screw rings and calipers 3/4″ and below gen – med U/P

Screw rings and calipers over 3/4″ gen/med

  • ‘G’ SERIES – (Formerly  BSPF) Screw plug ring and caliper gauges to B.S. 2779

Screw rings and calipers class ‘A’ or class ‘B’

  • B.A – Screw plug ring and caliper gauges to B.S.93

Screw plug gauges normal

Screw rings and calipers normal U/P

  • U.N.E.F., U.N.F. AND U.N.C. – Screw plug ring and caliper gauges iso to B.S. 1580, federal H.28

Screw plug gauges class 2B

Screw rings and calipers class 2A

  • AMERICAN – Screw plug ring and caliper gauges to federal H.28

Orders for these threads must state clearly “american standard” or “H.28” and must specify the class of fit

Unless specifically requested not go plug gauge members will be manufactured to hi-addendum and minus tolerances

  • ALL GAUGES – Manufactured to B.S. 919 parts 1, 2 and 3 – Please state whether part 2 gauges are required to general or reference limits when ordering
  • SCREW PLUG GAUGES – State whether style A,D,E,F,G,H or single-ended ‘go’ plugs are required

Style A- Double-ended setting plug for screw caliper gauges

Style D- Double-ended effective ‘not go’ screw plug gauge

Style E- Combination of both ‘go and ‘not go’ screw plug gauge

Style F- ‘Go’ screw plug gauge and ‘ not go’ plain core plug

Style G- ‘Go’ screw plug and ‘go’ plain core plug gauge

Style H- ‘Not go’ screw plug and ‘not go’ plain core plug gauge

  • PLAIN:

Plain double – ended plugs will be supplied to B.S. 969: 1982 unless otherwise requested. If the gauge tolerance is not confirmed all plain single-ended gauges will have the following minimum manufacturing tolerance: Up to and including 2.510″ diameter 0.0001″, over 2.510″ diameter up to 4.010″ diameter 0.0002″