Digital Vickers Hardness Tester tables 3

Knoop indenter Effectively measures thin material
Camera attachment A Polaroid camera adapter need
TV measuring device A TV camera may be mounted on the ocular.
Enlarged indents are measured on the TV monitor and metal
structures are observed easily
Automatic X-stage & PC type
controller VMT-1000PC
Measuring range: X&Y axis each 100mm
Min. movement: 1/100mm
These devices are very effective when we indent continuously.
All operations are controled by PC
Round table Suitable for testing large specimens
Manual X-stage Max. movement: X&Y axis 25mm and 50mm
Precision Vice Max. opening: 50mm and 100mm
Micro test table for jominy test Specimen: Standard size (mm or inch) provided in ISO and JIS
Max. movement: approx. 55mm
Min. micrograduation. 1/10mm or 1/160 inch.
Rotary table This table is usually used on the micro test table with the
precision vice.
Thin specimen measuring device Specimen thickness: 0~5mm
Fine specimen measuring device vertical type For measuring the cross section of fine specimens.
Specimen diameter: 0.1~4 mm.
Fine specimen measuring device
horizontal type
For measuring the cylindrical surface of fine specimens.
Specimen diameter: 0.5~4 mm.
Specimen inclining device type II Vice is not used and a specimen is directly clamped.
The measuring surface always shows a horizontal level and
cause an extremely efficient measuring operation.
Specimen height: 5~21mm
Printer M-3110 From Hardness tester adding up results to data output.