MAX-T Digital Torque tester tables

Model MAX- T20NM MAX-T-100NM MAX-T-200NM MAX-TU-20NM
Maximum Capacity 20Nm 100Nm 200Nm 20Nm
4 sub range of capacity 20Nm, 10Nm, 5Nm, 2Nm 100Nm, 50Nm, 20Nm, 10Nm 200Nm, 100Nm,50Nm, 20Nm 20Nm, 10Nm, 5Nm, 2Nm
Resolution 0.001Nm, 0.001Nm, 0.001Nm, 0.0001Nm 0.01Nm, 0.01Nm, 0.001Nm, 0.001Nm 0.01Nm, 0.01Nm, 0.01Nm, 0.001Nm 0.001Nm, 0.001Nm, 0.001Nm, 0.0001Nm
Accuracy ± 1.0% of Applied Torque
Torque Cell Channel 5 Channels (Able to input up to 5 torque cell)
Maximum Test Angle ±36,000 Deg for Basic Model & ±7,200 Deg for High Grade Model
Resolution 0.1 Deg for Basic Model & 0.01 Deg for High Grade Model
Angle Accuracy ± 0.5Deg for Basic Model & ± 0.3 Deg for High Grade Model
Rotation Rotary Table is Rotating Torque Cell side is rotating
Rotation Speed 1 ~7200 Deg/min
Unit Nm / Ncm / kgf.m / / / gf.m / /
Display Size CCFL Backlight LCD, W : 147 x H : 110mm
Data Storage 100 Curves & Conditions per 1.44Mb
I/O Port RS232C Interface, Digimatic Input, Analogue Output,Centronics Interface
Power Supply Single Phase AC 200 ~ 240V (50/60Hz)
Power Rating 100VA 300VA 500VA 100VA
Dimension W570 x D480mm x H800mm W570 x D480mm x H800mm W600 x D480 X H1028mm W570 x D480mm x H800mm
WEIGHT Approx. 90kg Approx. 105kg Approx. 150kg Approx. 90kg